Crisis Text Line

Youth Advisory Council

75% of our texters are 25 and younger. So, we've recruited an amazing team of young people to guide our work.


Youth Advisory Council

What is the Crisis Text Line Youth Advisory Council (YAC)?

The YAC is a group of young people (age 18-25) who are Crisis Counselors with Crisis Text Line. They're from across the US,  and are our eyes and ears on the ground, giving us the scoop on how we should get word out about our service/how we can recruit their friends and peers to volunteer with us!  

What is the Junior Youth Advisory Council (J-YAC)?

Our J-YAC is a group of young people (age 13-17) who help us get the word out to young people in middle school and high school, and also let us know how we can improve! With 80% of our texters under the age of 25 (and 10% under the age of 13!), it's important to have their voices in the mix.

Interested in becoming a member of YAC or J-YAC?

Applications for this year are closed now. Check back in Summer of 2018!

Responsibilities as a YAC or J-YAC member:

  • Commit to be an active Crisis Text Line rep in your community. That means handing out stickers, telling your friends about us, and talking us up at your school!
  • Connect with and support fellow YAC members through our private Facebook group
  • Contribute ideas in meetings, send thoughts about new marketing campaigns or launches 
  • Participate in at least 3/4  pre-scheduled video chat meetings (we do these quarterly -- one every 3 months!)